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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update to FamilyInsight

If you have been struggling with New FamilySearch then you need to learn about FamilyInsight from Ohana Software. They have just released another update to their FamilyInsight program version 2009.2.16. For years the Family History Centers relied on PAFInsight, the predecessor to FamilyInsight to do exhautive searches of the International Genealogical Index (IGI). Now, FamilyInsight will do the same for New FamilySearch.

Although New FamilySearch is still in the developmental and technically, prerelease, stage, it has been introduced in virtually all of the world outside of Utah and Idaho. It will still be some time before the program is generally released to the public, but meanwhile, those using the present version will find their use of the program enhanced immeasuably by using FamilyInsight as the main access rather than logging on to directly.

If you already own FamilyInsight, the newer versions of the program update automatically upon opening. If your version predates this feature, just go to the help menu and look for updates.

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