Thursday, April 23, 2009

Introduction of New FamilySearch in Utah

Map from the New FamilySearch Web Site Utah and Idaho Release Information:The Twin Falls, Idaho Temple District went live on April 14, 2009 and the Monticello, Utah Temple District went live on April 21, 2009. Three Temple Districts are preparing to go live; Rexburg, Idaho, Manti, Utah and Vernal, Utah.

Three different issues are being addressed to the Family History Consultants in Utah and Idaho in preparation for the implementation of New FamilySearch in those areas.; missing data, missing ordinance dates and mispelled names of incorrect dates. Quoting from Ancestral Information Issues:

Missing data.
Information from many separate Church family history files has been combined into one place, the new FamilySearch Web site. A small amount of information from these church files may not yet appear in the new FamilySearch Web site. This information is continuing to be added to the new FamilySearch Web site.

Missing ordinance dates.
You may find that dates of confirmation and initiatory ordinances do not appear for an ancestor, even though dates do appear for subsequent ordinances performed on behalf of the ancestor. You may see the word “completed” rather than a date. In some cases, this may be because the dates of confirmation and initiatory ordinances were not always recorded. Be assured that the confirmation and initiatory ordinances have been done. They do not need to be done again.

Misspelled names or incorrect dates.
You might see that ordinances have been performed on behalf of an ancestor, but the ancestor’s name is misspelled, or the date of birth is incorrect. The ordinances are still valid. Do not redo the ordinances just to correct spelling errors or incorrect dates. You can edit or add another opinion about genealogical data in the new FamilySearch Web site.
Those of us outside of Utah and Idaho, who have been working with New FamilySearch for some time are concerned that our relatives in Utah and Idaho avoid all the mistakes we made.

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