Friday, May 22, 2009

Planting an Ancestor Garden

Thanks to Janet Hovorka for a really good idea of Planting an Ancestor Garden. I love it. Plant a garden of flowers and/or vegetables that helps you to remember your ancestors. I remember my grandparent's home, both of them died before I was born, but our family kept the old family home. At the front of the lot was an old tangled rose bush with small roundish yellow flowers. I can still recall the smell of those flowers over fifty years later. The bushes have long since died but the memory lives on. I would plant that type of rose in second, if I knew what it was. Maybe, with a push from Ms. Hovorka, I will do that some day.

Our family has also raided our old family homes just before our parents or grandparents moved and taken some of the flowers and plants. We have heritage plants growing in various gardens around the U.S. because of our concern that some of the plants continue on in the family. I think this is a wonderful way to remember our ancestors and kept their memory alive each time the flowers bloom. Thanks again to Ms. Hovorka for the suggestion.

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