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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family History Library's Summer of Sleuthing

If you are looking for some fun activities to keep your children occupied this summer, consider the activities in the Family History Library's "Summer of Sleuthing--Save Our Ancestors" program. As the Family History Library states on the Wiki FamilySearch Website,
This online summer program will teach you and your family how family history can be fun, informative, and rewarding. With a series of weekly challenges, you and your family can participate in activities that will help you to learn more about yourselves and your ancestors. Take time this summer to discover the roots of your family tree and explore the branches. These activities can give your family a connection to the past, an identity for the present, and a foundation for future success. We encourage you and your family to help each other complete the Summer of Sleuthing challenges. The challenges are tailored for age groups.
The Family History Library has links for
Suggested activities include
There is even a link to the Walt Disney Studios "Create Your Own Family Tree" from The Tigger Movie. There are links to several other sites involving children in family history as well.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Sounds like a great idea.