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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Certified Affiliates for New FamilySearch

FamilySearch announces new certified affiliates. To quote the FamilySearch Website, "FamilySearch Certified Affiliates are third-party companies and organizations that provide products and services with features that are compatible with FamilySearch programs. Certification indicates the affiliate’s declaration of compliance with FamilySearch requirements. Note that these products and services are independently developed and supported by their respective organizations, not by FamilySearch."

The newly announce affiliates are:
Issues from Armidale Software
AllMyCousins from GeneSys Foundation
LiveRoots from Genealogy Today LLC
In addition to having their previous certifications, the following products are now also certified to reserve ordinances and print Family Ordinance Requests:
Ancestral Quest from Incline Software
FamilyInsight from Ohana Software
The FamilySearch Affiliates and Product Certification page has a definition list of the certified features.

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