Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update to New FamilySearch -- major additions to the program

The August 2009 release of changes to the New FamilySearch program is extensive. The explanation of the changes is 12 pages long. The changes include additions to the following functions of the program:
  • The Temple Ordinance List
  • Reserving Ordinances
  • Reprinting Family Ordinance Cards
  • Displaying and Printing Family Group Records
  • Solving problems related to Family Ordinance Cards
  • Converting a TempleReady Submission File to a Family Ordinance Request (FOR)
In addition, there are additional options on the Home Page that include Temple Information and families and individuals reserved for Temple ordinances.

The release also includes corrections and additions to the User's Guide and the Help Center. One new option allows users to find their local Family History Consultant.

One of the new features, that has been a long time coming, is the ability to remove individuals from your temple ordinances list. This cancels your reservation for all ordinances not yet complete so that other Church members can do them. (Previous releases of the new FamilySearch Web site did not allow you to cancel ordinance reservations.)

More later on these extensive changes to the program.

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