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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New FamilySearch marches on

Thanks to Renee Zamora's post of 14 September 2009 for the update on the release of New FamilySearch to the Wasatch Front Temple Districts. I have been looking at the Utah/Idaho releases on a regular basis but I guess I got busy and missed the latest news. I guessed that Provo would probably be next Temple District to go live from my family members who live in Provo. But it looks like to me that the announcements are only going to come out a few days before the actual introduction. The Idaho Falls Temple District is now all online with New FamilySearch as of yesterday, 14 September 2009. We'll have to see if any more dates pop up on the announcement page. See News and Updates.

I guess we'll have to figure out something else to talk about once all the Temple Districts in Utah are online with the program.

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