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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tracking additions and changes to the FamilySearch Wiki

One measure of the effectiveness of a genealogy Website is the number of visitors. Although still not a major player in the online world of genealogy, the FamilySearch Wiki is steadily growing in its resources and usability. As of September 25, 2009, the homepage had been accessed 371,941 times. Since this is the number of times some pages are accessed in one day, the number itself is not impressive. What is impressive is to view the list of new pages added by logged-in users. There were nearly 100 pages added on September 24, 2009 alone. This kind of activity in an interest area as focused as genealogy, is impressive.

In order for the FamilySearch Wiki to become an even more valuable resource, the number of participants needs to continue to increase. Some of the resources already available on the Wiki are very helpful, in some cases the links to particular geographic areas have nothing listed at all. It is likely, that the main reason this Website is not growing even faster is the lack of links from other major Websites, including even other FamilySearch Websites like and New FamilySearch. Just a suggestion, but it seems like all of the FamilySearch Websites should have links to all of the other sites. Just a thought.

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