Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1500 Blog Posts and 2100 Tweets

I don't think I would ever write a book called Blogging for Fun and Profit. Writing almost every day becomes a consuming passion but if I based my motivation on making money I would do better to be a Walmart greeter or bag groceries at one of the local supermarkets. By the way, there aren't a whole lot of job opening for elderly retired trial attorneys. I am very grateful to work with Holly Hansen and Family History Expos, do some publishing and get a few speaking engagements.

So, if I am not going to become rich from blogging, what is the point? That is a really easy question to answer. In my case, the point is genealogy. I guess you could sum it up with the phrase "Advancing the Cause." Without the motivation and interest in genealogy, I think I would have spent a lot more time promoting my photography business or whatever. Over the years, I have started probably eight or so different businesses, some of which have done very well for years. But as I got more and more into genealogy, I lost interest in making money for money's sake. My days of rock climbing, cave exploring, canyoneering and exploring are drawing to a close. I don't think it would be a good idea to go water skiing at almost 100 mph or free climb up cliffs anymore. So, what is left? Doing something that is a consuming passion? Why not? (As Alfred E. Newman used to say).

On the other hand, the "traditional" pastimes of old age have no appeal at all. I don't golf, play cards, build model railroads, or do any of the other things advertised in magazines for the "active" retirement crowd. So why not do genealogy all day and all night? Sounds like a good idea to me. Why not turn out tons of drivel with the hope that a few nuggets of sense will sort of wash out like a gold panning operation? Why not sit at a computer all day and into the night and spend time at a Family History Center? Sounds like a barrel of fun to me. No really, you might like some things I don't like, I have a high interest in volunteering to help people (even when they don't appreciate it) and writing.

For me, there is a fundamental interest in preserving a family that supersedes any other interest. If I can do this by writing, I will write. If I can do this by teaching, I will teach. If I can do this by helping the FamilySearch Research Wiki, I will help. If I can do this by scanning cemetery records and glass negatives, I will scan. If I can do this by attending conferences, I will attend. Every dead person found is another joy and triumph. The end. Hmm. Not the end, the beginning.

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