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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Rumors and Speculation?

I just got another "tip" that FamilySearch Family Tree going "live" has been pushed back to Thursday, October 18, 2012. If you want to see the source of this statement you can go to "FamilySearch Family Tree Go Live Has Been Pushed To This Coming Thursday."

There is an almost perfect vacuum out there about this subject other than this one blog. There have been some strange goings on today with For most of the day, I could not sign in at all. 

I am not sure what is meant by "going live." The program is completely available as far as the features have been loaded in. I have been consistently working with the program since February. Like I have said before, if going live means something, I can't say what that might be presently. 

Two indications that the program is live would be 1) a notice on or a live link to the program that did not require you to be "invited" for the link to appear on the home page and/or 2) some notice on the homepage of the changeover. 

We'll wait and see what happens on Thursday. 


  1. As far as I've been told Family Tree up until now has only been available to those who have LDS accounts. I'm guessing going live is supposed to mean being available to everyone not just LDS church members. I know this was planned for sometime in the middle of October which is about now.

    1. Well, since I know quite a number of people who are not Church members who have easily gotten on the program, I guess I would have to say the program has been available to everyone all along.