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Friday, October 19, 2012

Still waiting for changes to FamilySearch Family Tree

In past posts, I quoted a source who indicated that the FamilySearch Family Tree Program would go "live" this week, whatever that means. Well, today is Friday, 19 October 2012, and there have been no major changes this week in either the FamilySearch Family Tree program nor the way it is displayed and presented on

I used to own a Macintosh software company and I understand the process of programming and debugging a program for commercial production. Often, the time frame for doing upgrades or modifications are highly speculative. I am sure they are working diligently on the program, but I think we ought to cut them some slack and take things as they are ready to be introduced. Artificial "deadlines" for production are a corporate artifact and do not fit well with the real world of writing computer programs whether they are online or in a package for sale.

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