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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mostly Dead is not Enough

For me, as I have said previously, the demise of should be celebrated as a National Holiday. It appears that FamilySearch is finally getting into the deadline business with the current announcement from Ron Tanner dated 14 October 2013. He finally say, "In the next step of a series of milestones to fully implement FamilySearch Family Tree on, is scheduled for Read-only status at the end of this year."

This is really good news for all but especially for those of use grappling with the IOUSs in Family Tree. If you don't know what an IOUS is, then you don't have the problem or have not worked enough with either program. It is also comforting to know, again quoting from Ron, "The transition to Family Tree is scheduled to conclude with the closure of at the end of the year 2014."

Good work and three cheers to Ron and the whole FamilySearch team.

I will have some more commentary about the closing of shortly.

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