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Friday, October 11, 2013

New Genealogy Startup from called YouWho

If you watch this video you will see the intro to a new startup company from Does any of this sound familiar. It sounds a whole lot like FamilySearch Family Tree and the Photos and Stories program. Thanks to my son, Jared, for a link to this announcement on devbeat. Here is part of the announcement:
Utah is best known for its mountains, mormon population and genealogy and family heritage companies. is the best known of the bunch, and was acquired for a cool $1.6 billion.
At the VCIR conference in Park City, Utah, former executives unveiled their stealthy new venture, called YouWho.
YouWho’s team is digging up old family photos and documents, and linking them to family-members and direct descendants of the people in those photographs.

The idea of the website is summarized with the statement:
YouWho is hoping to be a marketplace of sorts for people to purchase artifacts like these. The company can sell content at premium prices to people who feel an emotional connection to it.Read more at
This is another wait-and-see situation. But I am sure we will hear more about this new website.

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