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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Preview of the new FamilySearch Indexing Website

FamilySearch is in the process of developing new Indexing procedures and a new Indexing website. Above is a screenshot of the preview site that presently has limited online distribution. The entire process is becoming more streamlined and easier to use. This preview shows that there has been a dramatic advance from the mainly text-based program when it first started.

The basic idea here is to move the Indexing program from the desktop to the Web. The new program will be available some time in 2014. Moving the Indexing program to the Web will also open the program to mobile technology, but because of the nature of the program, Indexing will not work on the small screen of a smartphone and will be confined to tablets including iPads and Android.

One development to come is the ability to correct indexed entries already in the online indexes on's Historical Record Collections.

Many of the instructions and procedures involved in the program are being streamlined and communication between arbitrators and volunteers will be opened up.

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