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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Call for Papers for South Davis Family History Fair

The Utah Genealogical Association's annual South Davis Family History Fair is now calling for papers for the event to be held 23 April 2016 at the Woods Cross High School, 600 West 22 South, Woods Cross, Utah. Here is the information about the proposals and the conference:
Each presentation will be 60 minutes in length which includes time for questions and answers. Presentations should reflect the latest status of research and publication on the topic. The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 16, 2015.

We welcome proposals that allow participants to gain new skills and information in the following:

 Getting Started: Those new to family history or who have never done research, or other beginner topics

 Online Research: Using computers, technology and the Internet for family history research, Genealogical websites, etc.

 Research Methodology: Beginning, intermediate and advanced research methodology in an area specific region in the world. Including pedigree analysis, evidence evaluation, tracing immigrants, LDS research, records sources, etc.

 Technology: Family History databases and programs, getting teenagers involved, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, APPs for Smartphones, IPADs, YouTube, EBooks, digital photography, audio recording, etc.

 Family History: Family organizations, family collaboration, writing a personal or family history, editing and publishing family history, etc.

Proposals must include:

 Full name of the presenter, current e-mail, telephone number

 A brief biographical sketch of the presenter for the syllabus (50 words maximum)

 Title of the presentation

 Short class descriptions (50 words maximum)

 Lecture experience


Speakers participating in the Conference will receive:

 Complimentary registration

 Free lunch

 Computers, projectors, and Internet access will be provided for speakers to use for their presentations.

Please e-mail presentation proposals in Microsoft Word or .PDF format to Ginny Ackerson at no later than Monday, November 16th. Completed syllabus must be submitted no later than Thursday, March 31st.

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