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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Findmypast adds millions of records of Catholics in America

One of the uphill challenges of genealogical researchers is locating and gaining access to older church records in the United States. Usually, the records, if they exist, are scattered all over and access is dependent on the minister or priest who has custody of the records. has taken a gigantic step in overcoming those obstacles with the addition of its Catholic Heritage Archive.

Here is a quote from the blog post referenced above:
Findmypast has launched a ground breaking initiative to digitize the historic records of the Catholic Church. Last year we published the Irish records, and this year we commence publishing all the historic sacramental registers for England, Scotland and the USA. It's a big task, make no mistake! There are over 30 million records just for the Archdioceses of Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore, our first three US Dioceses. There even more for all of Britain. There are hundreds of millions of records for the USA alone.
I will be watching this archive as it grows. This is a great breakthrough in record availability for all of the users of

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