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Monday, November 24, 2008

WorldVitalRecords makes improvements to Ellis Island Database

A major improvement was made by to the Ellis Island database titled Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Records (1892–1924). To quote the press release: "In the past, individuals who clicked on a result from this database (containing content from The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation) were sent to The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation’s website sign-up screen. Now, when they click on the link to access that database they are sent immediately to the record. This database is free to access."

" The Ellis Island database contains an index to more than 22 million records of individuals who entered the Port of New York through Ellis Island between 1892–1924. The Ellis Island database was created by more than 12,000 volunteers from who spent more than 5 million hours over seven years working on this database. The database allows approximately 40 percent of Americans to trace back their roots to an ancestor who entered this country through Ellis Island during this time period."

For more information on the Ellis Island records you can also go to The Statute of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. Website at

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