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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't forget blogs as a family history resource

The number of blogs (Web Logs) on the Internet continues to increase. Likely, there are more blogs added each day than anyone could look at or comprehend. Some of these blogs contain valuable family history information with extensive documentation. One of best I have seen in this category is The AncestorFiles. The site is full of narratives, photos and items are extensively documented. The blogger has been blogging since 2007 and her archives are extensive.

Another example in a different mode, is Blind Pig & the Acorn. The blogger indicates that she is "Bloggin' About My Appalachian Heritage." It is a gem of a site and very entertaining. It is also a repository for a lot of old time and heritage traditions. It is well worth looking at. You might want to explore some of her extensive links to similar blogs.

Try searching in Google Blogs Search for surnames or places. You are likely to find someone in both categories. Trying out the search on some really small places, still produced a few blogs from the local folks. There is only so much time allowed to each of us in this life. The choices online seem endless and we can get caught up in reading what are essentially gossip columns on the Web. But just because there is a lot of fluff, does not mean that there is not some real meat out there.

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  1. When one is introduced to the blog world-it can be both addictive and overwhelming. You've given some good tips on how to access blogs in one's own area of interest.

    I sincerly appreciate the Shout Out about the Blind Pig. I'm honored you enjoy my site-and hope you drop by often! Thank you!