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Monday, February 9, 2009

New collections added to Record Search Pilot

There have been some significant collections additions to the Record Search Pilot. Two entirely new collections have been added, Cook County, Illinois Birth Registers from 1871 - 1915, and Cook County, Illinois Birth Certificates from 1878 - 1922. The Cook County Birth Certificates include indexes and images of birth records including the City of Chicago. This collection is 62% complete. The Cook County Birth Registers are only 8% complete but also include the City of Chicago.

Illinois legislation in 1819 required physicians to record births and deaths but actual state registration didn't begin until 1877 when the State Board of Health was created to supervise the registration of births and deaths.

In addition to the Illinois records, the West Virginia Births, Deaths and Marriages have been completed with the addition of the three remaining counties. Also, Michigan Deaths and Marriages have had some of the missing images added to the collection. The Michigan records in the collection, now all show as complete, those are Michigan Births 1867 - 1902; Michigan Deaths 1867 - 1897; and Michigan Marriages 1868 - 1925.

The Record Search Pilot can be accessed through the Research tab in and through FamilySearch Labs.

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