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Friday, May 15, 2009

LiveRoots on FaceBook

LiveRoots is a genealogical search engine that is a "single resource that bridges the gaps between independent web sites, large commercial repositories and printed materials yet to be digitized and published on the World Wide Web." LiveRoots.

LiveRoots is available on FaceBook. You need to be signed in to FaceBook to view the page.

This resource turns out to be a good place to view the latest additions to the major online collections, such as, WorldVitalRecords and other similar sites. None of the documents are actually available on LiveRoots. Clicking on a specific collection of records in one of the subscription Websites advises you to access the database either through your own subscription or through a library access.

Because many of the resources listed on LiveRoots are subscription based the actually utility of the site is diminished unless you have the subscriptions. However, there are a lot of links to "free" Websites, like the Family History Library Catalog, the Family History Archive and the FamilySearch Wiki which are very useful.

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