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Thursday, August 6, 2009

FamilyInsight now with Ordinance Tracker

Ohana Software's FamilyInsight program has a major upgrade. Below is a list of the major features of the program showing the new enhancements. However, the program on my computer does not show that any upgrades are available and in searching the Ohana Website, I cannot find the upgrade. I assume that the upgrade has yet to be formally released because usually the program loads upgrade automatically. This program works both as a PAF add-on tool and as a standalone program.

PAF Add-on Functionality Shows in the tools menu of your PAF 5 program. Just a Click and your file is loaded into FamilyInsight from PAF5

Usability Will open files directly without going through other programs. Opens GEDCOM files created by other genealogy software programs as well as PAF 5 files and PAF backup files MAC and Windows versions available Easily edit records and add events and other information directly in FamilyInsight. Easily edit or add sources and notes. Save file as a PAF file, PAF backup, and GEDCOMs of various types.

Guide Me Click the "Guide Me" Button to see hints and guidance as you use the program. Online Training Videos Webinars

NEW Helper Feature Sign on to help someone else on new FamilySearch

NEW Reserve Ordinances Reserve names for ordinances directly from FamilyInsight

NEW Ordinance Tracker Easily view all the names you have reserved for ordinances listed in FamilySearch Not necessary to have a Family History database to view your reserved list Print Family Ordinance Requests Assign and unassign names to the temple Unreserve names Family Ordinance Request to Reprint cards

Synchronize your file with Search for matches to records in your file directly from FamilyInsight Update ordinance information into your file Add people and information you choose to your file from with just a few clicks Add new information and people to the FamilySearch family tree directly from your file. Synchronize your data with FamilySearch and add the person id to your file Mark multiple records as matches and combine them in FamilySearch family tree using FamilyInsight Add notes to or to your file Easily see which records in your file need ordinances View a relative's full information when you compare individual records, so that you can make more accurate decisions. Icons clearly show which records are linked and the status of temple ordinances. Sort by these icons as well as other columns Color coded links show when information has changed in your file or in FamilySearch family tree for each record. Unlink a record if it has been previously matched with the wrong record on FamilySearch. Handles multiple parental relationships easily to accommodate adoptive and other relationships.

Edit Summary Person Information for an Individual on Set the name and basic event information that you think should be shown on the summary page for an individual. This is the information that will be printed on temple cards Separate records that have been incorrectly combined in FamilySearch family tree 2009 FamilySearch Software award winning feature Separate multiple records with one click Separate by attribute such as a name or birth date

Separate into multiple records that are combined into new people when you complete the separate.

Easily Merge duplicate records in your file Finds more matches using the unique Insight matching algorithm Matches listed according to their match probability. Highest probability at the top. Mark records as not a match and they will not be shown in the list in the future unless you choose to see them. Mark records to Research to see if they are matches

Compare 2 Different files and update between them Update just the information and people you want Add new people from one file to another No longer a need to import messy GEDCOM files into your data to get the information you want If you have multiple files you can compare and get all the information in one file.

IGI Search Search older online IGI Update ordinance information from the online IGI directly into your file. The first and always the best in IGI Searching. Search Filters for LDS ordinances and other missing data

Edit Places -- 2009 FamilySearch software award 2009 FamilySearch Software award winning feature Automatic places name suggestions from FamilySearch Correct multiple instances of a place name with one click Drag and drop correction Mark Places as valid and keep what is in your file but choose a standardized place to search on FamilySearch family tree.

Edit RINs and Pedigrees Trim files to direct lines including children and grandchildren and spouses of a particular relative Save trimmed files as new files and keep the old file intact. Change RIN numbers in your file to what you want. Delete unwanted extra unlinked pedigrees with a click of the button. View all the hidden pedigrees in your file Compact your file to take less memory on your computer.

File Protection features Automatically Archives your file Repairs your file and gives you an easily understandable report. Safely shows and stores all foreign language characters in names, places and elsewhere.

Multi Language German Portuguese French More languages coming If you are interested in a joining our translation team please let us know

Sort and Find Sort columns many different ways - record numbers, surnames, given names % match, status, icons. Sort places by largest to smallest, smallest to largest, or by the number of instances in your file. Search and Find feature to find by name parts, RIN or pedigree.

Automatically checks for updates
Downloads the update and installs from the program.
Checks for the latest version so you are always up to date.
Downloads the update and installs from the program.

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