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Sunday, August 16, 2009

FamilySearch introduces Forums

FamilySearch Labs has introduced a new project, Forums. To quote the information from the Labs Website,
The Forums project is aimed at providing the most up to date information to anyone who uses FamilySearch products to work on their family history. Through the Forums anyone can ask questions about product features, research techniques, hints and tips, or even about specific families in specific locations. And anyone who knows the answer can reply. Instead of a limited number of support agents available to answer the questions there will be tens of thousands of users collaborating together. There will even be special forums for Family History Consultants, or leaders assigned to foster local family history participation. Come participate and give us your feedback. The more who use it the better the information.
The site is still listed as in "beta" but already has a substantial number of threads and posts. Forums was previously a part of the FamilySearch Wiki and had a sort-of marginal number of visitors. Speculating, this move apparently makes the Forum a possible stand-alone Website, only indirectly related to the FamilySearch Wiki. However, you can still enter the Forums Website by going directly to the FamilySearch Wiki. It would be interesting to know why Forums was considered for further development in Labs.

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