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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mesa, Arizona Family History Expo 2010

January 22nd and 23rd will find me at the Mesa, Arizona Family History Expo where I have been asked to serve as a Blogger of Honor. To quote the Website:

We have invited some very special 'Bloggers of Honor' to provide you with information on their blogs and via Twitter throughout the two-day Expo. Other attendees will be using Twitter to communicate highlights of the activities, share photos, and link to blog posts, while also providing additional related information.
Everyone is invited to stop by the Blogger Area to ask questions, use one of our work stations to blog or tweet, and follow what is happening on a 32" big-screen TV.

I guess this type of coverage is analogous to the old press corps and press room of years gone by. I feel honored to be able to be on the same forum as Family Expos' distinguished Bloggers. However, I have never been that comfortable with the word "Blog" much less with the term "Blogger." Be that as it may, I will be attending the entire conference and making blog posts and tweets during the entire time.

I find this type of conference to provide good insights into what is going on in the larger genealogical community. Meeting face to face provides a different experience for those of us so completely wrapped up in electronic media. It is also a great opportunity to put faces and personalities with the names from the Websites and Blogs.

I look forward to participating in this event in January of 2010 in Mesa.

In reviewing the lineup of classes, I can already see that I will want to be in two places at once. I always have to balance my desire to find out the most up-to-date information on programs and procedures with classes helpful to actual research. Oh well, I will make my choices and see how things turn out. I plan on being online practically the whole time from my Verizon Internet card. Stay tuned for further developments.

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