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Friday, January 15, 2010

Now if I could just think of some use for it...

The latest from WorldCat and RedLaser, an iPhone app that looks up books in libraries:

Now, when would I use this app? I might look up books to see if I have to buy them or if they were available in the library, but if I have the book, then why look it up? Oh, maybe, if I am in a store and can't decide whether to purchase a book, I can quickly look it up on my iPhone and then go to the library and check it out? Or maybe I am at a friend's house and he has the book and I want to see if I can find it in the library rather than borrow it from him? Wait a minute, I already bought the RedLaser App because it looks up prices of stuff in stores by searching for the UPC code. Now it works with books.

Anyway, it works and it is pretty neat, now what else can I think it might be useful for?

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  1. Does it tell you about special collections in distant libraries? That might be useful if I was planning a trip to a library in an ancestor's hometown, or if I were going to Boston on a research trip, etc.