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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On to Salt Lake and the Bloggers Day at FamilySearch

My stop off in Utah Valley to visit family was too short, but now I am in Salt Lake and ready to attend the first ever Bloggers Day at the FamilySearch. Randy Seavers and I had a pleasant dinner together and did a very short whirlwind tour of the FamilySearch Center in the Joseph Smith Building and other sights around Temple Square. When I got lost and ask for directions to the "Family History Center" the guides said, "Oh, the FamilySearch Center." So they are well into the transition. (I don't do right and left very well, so telling me to turn left at the bottom of the stairs doesn't help me much).

I was pleasantly surprised to see a display in the FamilySearch Center on George Crosby from Greer, Arizona. Although I am not related to the Crosbys, I knew George and have known a lot of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The display had some original documents, such as a marriage license and a book on his life. I recognized the names of all of the witnesses and the judge who signed the license, Levi S. Udall, was the son of David King Udall. My Great-grandmother, Mary Ann Linton Morgan married David King Udall after her first husband died. I could go on and on with the connections but genealogy makes for a very small world.

The weather here is perfect. I brought a coat, being from the low desert, but I will not need it while I am here. I am looking forward to the full agenda tomorrow. I expect that it will provide topics for many blog posts in the near future (not that I was running out of things to say). I briefly walked through the Family History Library, to see if they had changed anything. They have a lot more computer stations than I remember, but that was about all.

I know there are those of you who are wringing their hands with me in Salt Lake and not doing research, but I am processing the thousands of pages of documents I already have. But just to keep in shape, I did go to the Church History Library and found Salt Lake City Directories and took a few pictures of the pages with references to my Grandfather and Great-grandmother. I didn't want to lose the touch and I can always use more references and sources. While I was at the library, I said hello to Ardis E. Parshall of the Keepapitchinin Mormon History Blog. She is a noted researcher and historian and a long time blogger.

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