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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over 100 Million Images/Records in December!

I didn't really spend the time to add up all of the records added to Historical Records Collection in December but a quick review shows that the total has to be in excess of 100 Million images. There seems to be a sort of loose correlation between the number of "Records" as listed in the directory and the actual number of images added. For example, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1792-1952 show 2,085 records: 

But when you click on the collection, you find that those records contain 13,027,669 images:

Additionally, collections like Mexico, Catholic Church Records have only images and do not show a record number but say "Browse Images."

When you open the collection, you can see the number of images, in this case 16,596,760.

Another huge collection that showed up recently, was Guatemala Civil Registration, 1877-1934, with 2,492,342 images:

December also saw the addition of the U.S. Social Security Death Index with 87,767,528 records:

Think of what might show up in January!

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