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Monday, April 9, 2012

Did I say a new reality? or Unreality?

Facebook (you know the company I am sure) announced the acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion (with a "b") dollars in cash. Here are the stats on Instagram:
  • 13 employees
  • 1 million users in January 2011
  • 15 million users in December 2011
  • 30 million users in April 2012
  • Introduced in October, 2010
There is nothing I can think of that is comparable to this scenario. Can you imagine scaling up your servers to handle that kind of an increase in traffic? Neither can I. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Instagram has no disclosed source of revenue?

Now do you believe me when I say that the acquisition game (even the genealogical world) is serious business. (During the same time period, I had a 300% increase in readership, i.e. from 3 to 9) (oh, you might want to check my math, I guess that's why I'm not getting offers like that).

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  1. Well, you have good content, so I don't know why you shouldn't have a larger reader base. Maybe people haven't found you yet. As to subscription to Ancestry, being on Social Security doesn't leave a lot of room for extras so I go to the library when I can for their database. But the library doesn't even have the full experience that an individual subscription does. I have been working like crazy this week to use the free time on Ancestry for the 1940 Cenuses. Today is the last free day so must go like crazy again today. After today I will go to Family Search or Archives I guess. I have found about 25 family in the Census so far.