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Saturday, April 28, 2012

TechTips Update

It was interesting today when I went to help at the Mesa Family History Center. The first person I helped commented on having read my TechTips articles on Apple Macintosh computers. I do believe that this is the first time any patron at the Center has ever commented about FamilySearch TechTips. I do get comments from the other volunteers, but they have been told about TechTips along with all the other FamilySearch resources.

I have been writing about two blog posts a week for TechTips for some time now and presently have a total of 157 posts. These articles are of more than casual use and if they become outdated, I am posting updates where appropriate. I think TechTips in total is a very valuable genealogical resource and not just because I write some of the articles.

If you find an area that is not fully covered or could use some information, please make a comment on this or any of the TechTips posts. I really appreciate suggested topics.

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  1. Thank you so much.