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Sunday, December 21, 2008

FamilyInsight -- a valuable tool

For the large number of genealogists still using Personal Ancestral File, the newly released upgrade to PAFInsight, called FamilyInsight, from Ohana Software, is an invaluable tool. To quote Ohana's Web site:
FamilyInsight has all the same features as PAF Insight plus several new features that are well worth having even if you cannot currently use the Sync with FamilySearch family tree mode. First and foremost, it comes in a Mac version. If you, or someone you know, has a Mac and uses a Mac based genealogy program, they can use FamilyInsight for Mac for all their clean up and synchronizing needs!
Further, as Ohana points out:
If you get GEDCOM files from other researchers, the Internet or another program, you can open those files directly into FamilyInsight without importing them into a PAF file first. This is an ideal feature for Compare and Sync. Instead of importing the GEDCOM then having to link the people and merge duplicates, use Compare and Sync. You can add the information that you need and want from the GEDCOM to your file without causing duplication.
Ohana Software also announced that FamilySearch gave them permission to develop a way to reserve name for LDS Temple ordinances and to print the Family Ordinance Requests from FamilyInsight. This will likely give Mac users a way to use their GEDCOM files directly to do this work.

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