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Monday, December 8, 2008

Recent additions to Family Tree

The program known as new FamilySearch really has two components. The main component is found at The second component is found at and is known as Family Tree. It is presently the plan, according to John Greene, head of product development, to phase in Family Tree as the main interface for the program. In following this plan, new features are added to the Family Tree program from time to time.

Recently, printing a family group record was introduced. To print a Family Group Sheet from the Family Tree, open a folder for any individual, click on the relationships tab, and then click on the Family Group Sheet link.

In addition, until now, the Family Tree expanded trees without an easy way to collapse. Now, when an arrow is clicked to expand the tree, the Family Tree flips the arrow horizontally. Clicking a left arrow allows us to collapse the tree. You have to look carefully to see the small arrow is now pointing to the left of the screen. Clicking the little arrow collapses the expanded line. This is useful if you wish to scan several lines without expanding the pedigree and making it hard to follow.

Another new feature should be welcomed by all those working in new FamilySearch. Now, in Folders, from the Records Tab, the Family Tree allows us to:
  • Identify records that don’t belong by checking the checkbox to the left of the record.
  • Move the checked records to a new folder or folder that is open on the left by clicking the pulldown. We can also drag and drop selected records to an open folder on the left.
  • Drag one open folder over the top of another folder to combine the two folders.

Some of the checkboxes are deactivated and the records can’t be moved. This is a know problem and will be resolved in the near future.

Apparently, these actions are updating live data on

Continue to watch for new developments in the Family Tree program.

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