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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ancestral Quest 12.1

I finally got time to upgrade my version of Ancestral Quest from version 11 to version 12.1. The motivation for the upgrade was the link to New FamilySearch. Although this link may not have a lot of importance for those who cannot yet register for New FamilySearch, it is a boon to those who can. The official position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on access to New FamilySearch is found in the help document ID: 100087 (see link above):
The new FamilySearch will be implemented gradually until it is available worldwide, first to Church members and then to the public. Announcements will be posted on the Web site continually as the new FamilySearch is gradually released.
At this time, nonmembers do not have access to, nor can they register for, the new FamilySearch, with the exception that the family history center director can get temporary sign-in names from Headquarters Support for their nonmember staff members who need to access the system. These staff members need access to the system to be able to help members use the new FamilySearch.
Ancestral Quest 12.1 is a very good implementation of the interface for synchronizing information between your own personal data and the information in New FamilySearch. I did find that you may need to study the instructions as the process, as a whole, is quite involved and complicated. If you are living in an area where access to New FamilySearch is available, and if you are already using Ancestral Quest, then the upgrade is essential.

If you are one of the millions of Personal Ancestral File users who are now using a program that hasn't been upgraded since 2002, you should certainly look into buying a copy of the new Ancestral Quest.

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