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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Digital Roots -- Tools for Family History

Digital Roots is a non-profit BYU research laboratory dedicated to simplifying family history through the creation of powerful and intuitive software tools in the Department of Computer Science at Brigham Young University. It was initiated in 2003 by Dr. William R. Barrett and Dr. Thomas W. Sederberg.

The research focuses on developing software tools for family history. Digital Roots provides a mentoring environment in which undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. students work as a team under the direction of faculty advisors.

The laboratory has produced two free software programs; OnePage Genealogy prints your entire family tree on a large sheet of paper. The software can be downloaded from the Web site. OnePage Genealogy currently offers several different types of charts, including standard pedigree, timeline pedigree, descendancy charts and blank charts.

Relationship Finder the other free software product, is a tool to find relationships between people using Ancestral File Data. You can find out how you are related to notable historic individuals as well as anyone else.

Free is nice.

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  1. If I attend the 12 jan FHC in Yuma who do I talk to about the Digital Roots program??
    Thank you

    Yvonne Fawson