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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Live Roots

Live Roots went on the Web in October of 2008 released by Genealogy Today LLC. As described in their October 10, 2008 press release:
Live Roots extends beyond the typical bounds of a traditional search engine or link directory by facilitating access to offline records and publications through partnerships with amateur and professional researchers who either own copies or are geographically close to the libraries and archives that do. In a few quick steps, visitors will be able to hire a researcher to obtain digital copies (scanned or hi-res photo) of pages referencing a specific name (or surname).
A search on one of my family names showed some links to some very interesting resources, including some that I was already familiar with. In my particular search it appeared that most of the returns were links to commercial Web sites like Ancestry. com, but there were a few different kinds of sites referenced. This is definitely a site worth watching.

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