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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New update to FamilyInsight

According to OhanaSoftware, changes were made to the New FamilySearch Web site recently that make it necessary to update to the 2008.12.9 or later version of FamilyInsight for some searches to work without crashing. Users are urged to use the "Check for Updates" tool in the Help menu bar of FamilyInsight to update to the latest version of FamilyInsight. Updates may also be obtained by going directly to the OhanaSoftware Web site. The latest version appears to be 2009.1.5.0 of FamilyInsight.

This issue points up an important fact of life for computer users, especially those using Web based applications, like New FamilySearch and Family Tree, upgrades happen constantly. Computer systems are not like buying a non-electronic appliance. It is not like an electric razor or a drill, the Internet is constantly changing and your software, an ultimately your hardware needs to evolve along with the changes. Unless you keep your programs up-to-date, you may wake up one morning and find that the program no longer works.

By the way, the changes to FamilyInsight are more than cosmetic. The startup menu is more informative and several other changes have been made that make the program easier to use.

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