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Thursday, June 18, 2009

FamilySearch Alpha-- What is it?

If you take a visit to the FamilySearch Labs Website, one of the many options is called the FamilySearch Alpha. The format of the Alpha file has changed from time to time and I assumed that the site was a prototype for future developments in the FamilySearch Website. In a recent announcement from FamilySearch, it turns out that my impression was correct. The announcement states in part:
FamilySearch Alpha is the beginning of a great new world. The purpose of the project is to replace the current website with a new site at the same address that integrates all of the new technologies and record sets we’ve been working on (like Record Search, Family Tree, Research Wiki, etc.) into one easy to use experience. Instead of using these tools individually, you will simply go to to work on your family history.
Although they do not reveal any time frame, they do state that:

The first release will introduce a fresh new look and feel and integrate the following features:

  • Search for historical records (leveraging Record Search and Library Catalog technology)
  • Learning and how-to (showcasing the Research Wiki and Library Research Series)
  • Find a Family History Center (updated to leverage the cool new
  • And much more.
There are quite a few new features already on the FamilySearch Alpha Website and it is interesting to speculate what will be the final direction of FamilySearch.

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