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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Substantial RootsMagic Update

On 24 June 2009, RootsMagic 4 announced the release of a substantial update ( RootsMagic characterizes the update as primarily a bug fix but the list of changes is impressive. From their Blog, here is a list of the fixes and additions to the program:

  • Added an option to select the default starting side-list page (or use previous side-list page) in Tools > File options
  • The Scrapbook report now has an editable title
  • The NFS Match screen and Sync screen have been combined into a single tabbed screen
  • Renamed “Tools > Database options” to “Tools > File options”
  • Primary facts now works properly in reports, screens, etc.
  • Fixed ‘List index out of bounds (-1)’ error when creating a Fact List
  • Fact type “exists” now works properly in search criteria
  • Name doesn’t disappear from edit screen list after the name is edited
  • Fixed “Allow close matches” in NameFind in RM Explorer
  • Fixed “Sounds like” search for name fields in RM Explorer
  • LDS template will now save ordinance statuses if no date or temple was entered
  • Deleting the birth or death for a person removes the year from the Explorer list
  • Citation memorize / paste now includes any images attached to the citation
  • :Age modifier works in sample sentence and customize sentence in edit screen now
  • Alternate name date is now exported to GEDCOM
  • Alternate name privacy setting is now exported to GEDCOM
  • Fixed a few issues with some source templates
  • RM remembers size of Edit Media window
  • When importing an older RM (v1-3) file, RM4 defaults new filename to same name (except with .rmgc extension)
  • Fixed some issues when importing some older Family Origins files
  • Merging preserves the notes of the person being merged in
  • Fixed the random freezing in various New FamilySearch screens
  • Fixed error 400 problem when combining records in NFS

I noticed a few of the fixes and changes immediately after loading in the update and opening the program. It is comforting that RootsMagic is so responsive to the issues with its program. It will undoubtedly make for a much better experience in using the program.

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