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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evidence of Salt Lake Valley New FamilySearch

During the past few months I have been focusing on the announcements of New FamilySearch introductions throughout Utah and Idaho. Those of us in Arizona have been waiting for the Wasatch Front Temple Districts to have the program introduced. Well, it now seems that they already have limited access to the program. I have started seeing Ordinance Cards printed from New FamilySearch with addresses in the Salt Lake Valley. Apparently, enough of the consultants and their friends have access to the program to start to make an impact.

Checking the News Website, shows that all of the remaining Temple Districts are now listed as receiving preparation notifications. This list does not have any specific dates for release of the program but quite a few people already have access despite the lack of a formal date. The remaining Temple Districts listed in the announcement are:
It looks like this extra long introduction process is growing to a close.

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