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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Projects and Information Around the World from FamilySearch

FamilySearch, formerly The Genealogical Society of Utah, is "is dedicated to promoting the preservation of genealogical information throughout the world. To quote the FamilySearch Website:
In cooperation with record-keeping institutions, the Genealogical Society of Utah began microfilming records in 1938; its digital imaging projects began in 1998. The Society has microfilmed important family history sources in over 100 countries worldwide. At any given time, there are over 200 microfilming projects in over 40 countries. FamilySearch creates over 40 million digital images and 20 thousand rolls of microfilm each year.
To get an idea of the worldwide scope of FamilySearch, you may wish to browse the records summary in the Countries, States and Provinces of the World on their Projects page. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, FamilySearch has record collections for almost every country in the world. For example, there are 3053 microfilms from Zimbabwe and 30 published materials. All of those millions of microfilms are available through the Family History Library. It is impressive to see the results of a search for Zimbabwe in the Family History Library Catalog.

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