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Saturday, August 22, 2009

RootsMagic announces multiple upgrades

In the RootsMagic Blog for 21 August 2009, Bruce Buzbee announced the new update to RootsMagic 4, now version Quoting from the announcement the program now has these important new features:
  • Children in narrative reports that are in the next generation now print birth, marr, and death info in the child list
  • Added “Search > Move to primary position” to move the highlighted person (really only useful in pedigree and descendant views)
  • Added a button to FamilySearch match and sync screen to view the person on the FamilySearch website
  • Added birth year to FamilySearch sync screen for relationships (both RM and FS sides)
  • Added FamilySearch import to import a tree from New FamilySearch into an RM file (File > FamilySearch > FamilySearch Import)
  • Added Remove to the FamilySearch ordinance request screen to unreserve names
Several features of the program were also fixed or changed. For a complete list please refer to Mr. Buzbee's Blog.

At the same time RootsMagic also announce upgrades to Personal Historian and Family Atlas which provide support for importing the new RootsMagic files. In a recent interview on Roots Television, Mr. Buzbee commented that the code for RootsMagic 4 had been completely rewritten. You may wish to view this short interview.

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