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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Enhancements to is a relatively new website and has become the fastest growing and world’s largest collection of GPS tagged headstones. has recently added a premium service called BillionGraves Plus. This is a subscription service and is presently $44.99 a year or more if paid biannually or monthly. The features of BillionGraves Plus include the following, quoting from their promotional material:

Map It "Global Mapping"
With our GPS technology, turn your cluttered search results into a world-wide interactive map! The new BillionGraves Map It feature shows you within seconds exactly where your ancestors are buried. Discover who’s buried in the family plot or track down those elusive family members who moved to distant countries. Whether it’s the entire World or your local Cemetery;  you have the ability to discover your ancestors from the comfort of your home. 

Get rid of the distractions and clutter from unwanted ads on the BillionGraves website! Faster search results, bigger photos, and larger maps. Now get nothing but content that leads you to the conclusions you are looking for! A cleaner, faster, ad free BillionGraves is only a click away! 

Virtual Walk-through (Enhanced!)
BillionGraves Virtual Walk-though lets you visit cemeteries as if you were really there, from the comfort of your home! Our GPS technology and high resolution photographs allow you to experience a virtual tour of any cemetery like no one else can provide. Find unknown relatives in family plots or virtually walk through a cemetery. You’ll be amazed at the treasures that are found by looking at gravestones near your ancestors! 

Record Notifications
No more searching day after day looking for a particular ancestor! Let us do the work for you! Set up an on-going search that notifies you the second your results are available! No need to keep searching again and again. We’ll email you a photo and a link to the headstone details as soon as it is available. 

BillionGraves Priority Support
Prompt help when you need it makes all the difference. BillionGraves Priority Support GUARANTEES that you will receive the fastest personal support possible no matter what your question is! With a dedicated support staff, all Priority Support questions go to the top of the list!

This is a very interesting new service from a very fast growing company. 

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