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Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Few Things I Learned Today That I Didn't Know Yesterday

Sometimes I glean some of the most interesting things from the Web but there is not much I can say or comment about. Today seems to be one of those days. Here are a few things I found out the past few days reading my genealogy blog feed. I had to check my calendar on some of these to make sure it wasn't April. Some are noteworthy, some are just silly.

YouTube is a genealogy blog. Yes, I didn't realize that this vast collection of video from around the world was actually a genealogy blog. See Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 from FamilyTree Magazine.

On that same website, I learned that podcasts are also genealogy blogs. See Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 from FamilyTree Magazine. I guess I need to expand my idea of a blog.

I learned that Yogi Berra died. See Yogi Berra, 1925-2015.

I learned that Facebook was working with the UN to bring Internet access to refugee camps because Internet access is a fundamental human right. See Facebook working with UN to bring Internet access to refugee camps. What can I say? What can I say?

The U.S. Copyright Office issued a report entitled "Orphan Works and Mass Digitization." Apparently the Copyright Office has recognized what many of us have been saying for years that the copyright system breaks down when we talk about digitizing a lot of books and records. I may actually have something to say about this when I get a chance to read the entire report.

Resales of year-old iPhones are starting to heat up. See CNET news.

Mary Queen of Scots Is Cleared of Murdering Her Husband Just 428 Years After She Died

I found out the first person in history whose name we know. His name is Kushim. I can't wait until someone puts him in their family tree. 

Well, I had to stop sometime. 

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