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Friday, September 11, 2015

Is there an iPad Pro in your genealogical future?

Yes, it is that time of year again. has announced all their new products and the star of the show is not the Apple Watch, but the new iPad Pro. My wife's first comment what how are you supposed to carry it around, but that is the case with all "mobile" devices. It seems that mobile now means it has a battery. I can remember the old KayPro and Osborn computers that were supposed to be portable and were more luggable.

But there is a real issue raised by the new product. Is the new iPad Pro going to be a satisfactory substitute for a MacBook Pro? This will depend on whether or not the keyboard, either virtual or the new cover/keyboard will be adequate for typing on a lap (i.e. the reason for the name laptop). It you need a firm surface to type, the new computer will be about the same as any other tablet device as far as replacing a laptop such as the MacBook Pro.

As far as computer power, the new iPhone 6S is more powerful than any computer I have owned up until the most recent one and would have been considered a super-computer only a few years ago. I will definitely be upgrading my phone as soon as the current contract allows me to do so. The new iPad Pro would definitely be my choice depending on the typing issue.

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