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Friday, September 25, 2015

Tune in to Genealogy Webinars and Virtual Expos

Until the Mesa FamilySearch Library was shut down precipitously last November, the Library was producing a free series of webinars once a month. The last of these webinars was held on November 12, 2014 and presented by Emily H. Garber. This recorded list of webinars, including several by me, is still online as Webcasts. While I was in Salt Lake recently teaching a class on automatic, online, genealogy record hints, the class was converted into a webinar by

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah is holding free webinars. I have found you have to be vigilant to see the schedule and/or the announcements before they have already been held. I will try to point these out in the future.

These online educational opportunities are both free and fee based. Webinars are usually limited to some number of total attendees due to the arrangement of the broadcast and what the promoter has paid for the service. In some cases, such as the Legacy Family Tree Webinars, the initial webinar is free and an online webcast is available for a limited time, but archived copies of the webinars are on sale through a fee-based website.

The webinar I did recently is part of a continuing series of online virtual Expos. Holly Hansen, the CEO of has initiated a three-level Expo experience for a full week: in person attendance, full-week online attendance at the classes or attendance at a single class webinar. The in-person experience involves a week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Attendees can stay at the Crystal Inn, a local hotel, and have class instruction both in the morning and late afternoon. The highlight of the experience is mentored research time at the Family History Library. If you cannot come to Salt Lake City, you can attend the classes virtually on your own home computer. If you just want to attend one class, you can tune in to the weekly webinar. You can find out about future webinars and Expos, both in person and virtual by subscribing to the Family History Expos Newsletter.

Attendees at each of the Expo experiences in Salt Lake City, receive a copy of's subject centered book on the subject of the Library Learning Experience. There are now nine published books containing a wealth of resources. The entire collection of nine books is available on the Shopping section of the website. Some of the books are being sold on and the rest will shortly be online on as well as the website. You can find the books on Amazon by searching for my name, "James L. Tanner."

There is a wealth of genealogy webinars available online. Of course I am partial to the ones I participate in, but there are many more available every month throughout the year. Don't forget that RootsTech 2016 is coming and they will undoubtedly be broadcasting some of the sessions of the Conference live and have video recordings of many of the sessions afterwards.

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