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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Godfrey Library's Online Catalog

One of the lesser used genealogy subscription sites is the Godfrey Memorial Library. But this library has many unique resources and advantages for the serious genealogical researcher. To quote their Website:
Godfrey Library's online catalog approaches 400,000 entries and is getting bigger every day. The reason for this difference is that Godfrey Library's catalogers go beyond the usual work and do what is called "analytic cataloging." Simply put, if cataloging the title page is regular cataloging, then analytic cataloging is cataloging the index.
Presently, Godfrey Library has approximately 200,000 books and periodicals in its collection including: state and local histories, international resources, family histories, biographies, records by religious organizations, church records, funeral records, cemetery records, military records, maps, etc.

A basic subscription to the Library is only $35 with additional levels up to a $100 a year which includes all of the Library's basic content plus subscriptions to and WorldVitalRecords U.S. Collection. You may wish to verify that these special offers are still in effect since the Website uses the older name of

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