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Thursday, February 19, 2009

New look and new software at Records Search Pilot

The FamilySearch Records Search Pilot underwent a major renovation and upgrade. The look and feel of the program has changed a little, but there has been a substantial reorganization of the records to reflect the steady increase in variety and depth of the upcoming additions. The announcement stated:
18 February 2009: Record Search has a new look and feel! The upgrade to Record Search has been completed, and we hope you enjoy using the new interface, as well as some of the new features, such as full-screen image viewing, the ability to print a selected area of an image and numerous other enhancements.
A first impression is that the program is now much more well organized and has increase utility. I found it interesting that the sub-menus now include references to Africa, Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific Islands even though there are no records listed, as yet.

Record Search Pilot has the potential of providing substantial records for areas outside the U.S. and Europe, which is a major change in the record availability of the past. Check it out!

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