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Friday, May 15, 2009

New FamilySearch ends Beta Testing (for now?)

We recently participated in a Beta Test of both New FamilySearch and Family Tree. As far as both my wife and I could tell there were no substantive changes in either program. Although there were a few small changes in Family Tree.

Apparently, the Beta Testing is over. Here is the announcement:

Dear Member,

Testing of new FamilySearch and the Family Tree project has ended. We appreciate your continuing efforts in helping us improve and make sure everything is working before we release to the Church.

We apologize to those who could not access the beta sites of new FamilySearch or Family Tree project.

For those able to test, we would like you to participate in an important survey. Your honest feedback in this survey will provide us great insight for improving new FamilySearch and the Family Tree project.

Thank you.

Family History Department

We took the survey, which was quite extensive but have received no feedback on the test or the survey.

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