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Friday, May 1, 2009

Significant update to Mac version of MyBlood

In an E-mail news release, the MyBlood genealogy database program announced a significant upgrade. According to the release the following changes were made to the program:

MyBlood v1.0 Alpha 4 is available on the MyBlood site. This version is the last alpha version.
Beta 1 will be available in May 2009, bringing it to a commercial level.
This version brings some important features:
* Better GEDCOM import: Citations, Sources and Repositories are now imported
* Better GEDCOM export: Notes, Media, Sources and Repositories are exported
* Extended Web-Export, now also exporting Chronology, Media, Places... and including a fresh Layout...
* Citations, Sources and Repositories can now be managed.
There are a lot of small improvements from better icons to automatic selections...
An important addition is the Find and Replace feature which allows you to easily modify the database.

This is also the first release that has platform specific features. MyBlood has been made scriptable for Mac users. You can now do a limited a mount of Apple scripting. You can open and save files (including settings) and export web-pages (including specific settings) through scripting. More items will be made available for scripting in the future.
You can download the version on the link below:

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  1. Hi James,

    I didn't directly find a "contact me" buttons, so I'll reply to this article.

    a quick mail to inform you of the release of the family tree software MyBlood 1.2
    You already posted info about MyBlood i the past, but MyBlood has come a log way since than...

    MyBlood ( ) is a cross-platform family tree application which is visually rich and easy to learn.
    Although we are relatively new, we implemented Google Maps, image tagging and connectivity to Picasa... with extra features to come.

    We are always interested in further discussions about MyBlood, providing additional information for an article or doing a review.
    You can find the press release of this release at

    Best regards,

    Geert Jadoul
    Owner of Vertical Horizon