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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family History Expo Contest

As a Blogger of Honor at the Mesa Family History Expo, I am told that two of my readers can receive free tickets to the event. To present these two tickets, I was told to run a contest. First of all it should be known that I do not play board games, much less enter contests. If I were an innovative design type person, I would probably be rich from ghost writing a mommy blog, but since I am an old and somewhat stodgy trial attorney, I have had a really hard time coming up with a contest.

So here is the idea. Associated with the following Websites there are numbers of either volumes or collections or whatever. The first two people, (who actually will go to the Expo) who can get the closest number to the total from those found on these sites on January 10, 2010 will win the contest.

The only other rule is that you have to either post a comment to this Blog or E-mail me to enter the contest. Again, it would help if you really, really, want to go to the Expo.

Here are the Websites with the numbers:

FamilySearch Record Search number of collections
Historical Books in Family History Archives
Number of square feet in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
Number of patron computers in the Family History Library

The two people with the closest total of these numbers win. I understand that the Family History Expo folks will have your ticket at the registration desk for you to pick up. But I assume we have to come up with some way to identify the winners, so you likely will have to send me some identifying information. By the way, all comments and all my E-mails have a date stamp so I can easily tell who got there first.

I will announce the winners as soon as I can get time to write another post.

Good luck.

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