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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Full Wiki revisited

A comment by a reader (See comment by John) on my last post on The Full Wiki, got me back to look a little more deeply at the Website. First of all, John is right, it is not technically a wiki, it would be better characterized as a wiki search program. It seems to compile information from the underlying Wikipedia, among others and present it in a different format. By clicking enough times, you can sometimes get down to the original Wikipedia article.

The second criticism of The Full Wiki was that you could not change information on the site. That isn't exactly a correct observation. Assuming I go back to the original Wikipedia site, for example, I could change the information. The real issue is the connection between The Full Wiki and Wikipedia. John criticizes the program for having "old" data. However, I found the references on The Full Wiki to be to a huge number of Websites, not just Wikipedia. Some of the Websites were older and some were newer. But I have the same experience when doing any kind of research on the Web.

In looking through Wikipedia at a variety of pages, I find that the pages themselves are not updated unless someone makes a change. I found any number of older Wikipedia pages, likely because few people had any interest in the subject of the page and no changes had been made. John may be correct that going to the main site, on Wikipedia for example, might give you more current information but that isn't a given since you can click through to Wikipedia anyway in most cases.

Whatever it is, The Full Wiki is an interesting site. But in fairness to John's critique, I think that the site should remain in the "interesting" category. Oh well, on to other sites. To read John's complete comments go to:
TransylvanianDutch Genealogy & Family History.


  1. Hi again John,

    You raise a good point that Wikipedia articles are often quite old too. It got me wondering how old? I couldn't find any stats for it, so I just went to Wikipedia and clicked on "Random Page" 10 times and got these:

    * 18 February 2009
    * 8 September 2006
    * 6 July 2009
    * 20 October 2009
    * 24 December 2009 - a delink of dates
    * 15 February 2009
    * 17 December 2009 - an article got linked.
    * 27 October 2009
    * 25 August 2009
    * 12 December 2009 - a bot adding a language link.

    Obviously 10 is not enough to know for sure, but it reflects my experience that most Wikipedia articles aren't edited in any given month.


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