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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"New FamilySearch" integration now available in Legacy Family Tree 7.4

In an announcement made in the Legacy News, Millennia Software announced that their Legacy Family Tree program now has limited integration with New FamilySearch. The article explains as follows:
  • Version 7.4 includes a special "pre-release" edition of our New FamilySearch integration tools which lets users: 1) Match their Legacy individuals with FamilySearch individuals, 2) Combine potential duplicates that exist at FamilySearch, 3) View the real-time ordinance status of individuals
  • After installing the update, you will be asked if you want to turn on the FamilySearch integration tools. At this time only LDS members should say yes (FamilySearch accounts are currently restricted to members of the LDS church while they conclude their testing).
  • The FamilySearch tools have been officially certified by FamilySearch, but the tools are still in "pre-release mode". This means that 1) not all of the features that we want to implement are available, but we want you to get started (the rest of the features will be released in version 7.5) and 2) there are still a few minor (non-critical) bugs to resolve.
The article states, "there is no cost for this update. If you've already installed Legacy 7.0 (standard or deluxe editions) just follow the update instructions below. The FamilySearch tools are included in both the free standard edition and the deluxe edition. If you do not yet have Legacy Family Tree, and you want to utilize the FamilySearch tools, you can download either edition."

When I was at the Family History Expo in Mesa, Geoff Rasmussen of Millennia Software was kind enough to show me a preview of both versions 7.4 and 7.5 and there were some very impressive features. It is apparent that Legacy Family Tree will be able to benefit from the experiences of the other developers in providing access to New FamilySearch that will help to make the synchronization process more user friendly. I will try to get to a more complete evaluation in the near future.

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